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Allison Wentworth Ross

What if money’s only a vibration?

Once you’ve pinpointed the emotion you’ve attached to money, you’ll understand whatever’s blocking your financial flow and realise it’s a lie you’re telling yourself.

Dirk Devis

The price paid by egoic men

Men, and women, who have taking on a disposition of egocentricity in the long-term experience a sense-of-separateness within the community and end up having within a feeling of emptiness.

Louise Mosley

The power of collaboration

In isolation they would not survive, collectively they really are a force of nature not to be messed with!

Dirk Devis

Reflection – Living within the New Normal

The time has come for the collective exploration of spiritual awareness (intelligence) and subsequent experience of consciousness, as an expression of one’s Authentic Self.

Latest coaches

Sue Daly

Share your skills and talents abundantly in the world – a gift not given brings joy to nobody

Louise Mosley

We’re all unique and it’s OK to be you, to use the skills and the talents that you have.

Dirk Devis

It’s the being that makes you do the doing…so be your authentic version of yourself.