A God encounter on a virtual beach

By Elizabeth Rosner,

July 21, 2021

I mentioned in my last post that I had a God-inspired meeting in the Virtual Summer Camp.  The next day, I was alone on the virtual beach, listening to the wind and waves, while practicing moving my avatar and running through my PowerPoint.  I'm sure I looked goofy practicing my basketball shots, waving, dancing, and cheering.

I realized that several folks had approached me to inquire if I was lost.  Teehee....most of the time I would answer yes to that but I had intentionally snuck away from the group to practice in solitude.

One of the folks was Vinny, the CEO of The Spark.  As we were discussing both my presentation over the next two days and my work with The King Center, he told me of his other passion which is providing free, educational content to students.  His organization has 25k schools registered and 12.5MILLION students will have access to the content.  He asked if perhaps The King Center would like to partner with them.

Who knows where this will lead but isn't it amazing that my Higher Power directed this encounter, on a virtual beach, in the midst of a video game?

In what ways are you showing up and seeing God is meeting you there in your business?



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