Be courageous

By Dirk Devis,

March 23, 2021

An old English proverb of the early 19th century states that “You never know what you can do till you try it”.

As you face your challenges, by force or by choice, there is always an initial reluctance to deal with the issues at hand due to anticipated difficulty, fear of failure or even the unknown that one has to deal with. That is when courage needs to be summoned from within to get you through it.

Courage has been defined as the ability to do something that frightens one, as well as to act on one’s convictions and believes despite danger or disapproval - even to lose sight of the shore, or the familiar.

J. M. Barrie emphasises the importance of courage as follows: “Courage is the thing. All goes if courage goes!”

What stands out from the above is that courage is an ability to act, regardless of fear, sourced from your convictions and believes. In the words of Joyce Meyer: “ ... to seize victory by stepping out to do it afraid!”

So, on deciding to take up the challenge to the best of one’s ability in a specific situation, do you have the faith to source your courage from and to do it whatever it takes? 

If so, then choose to do it!

Let your motto be: within the presence of my authentic Self and my convictions, I have the courage and subsequently the strength to take on this challenge, continue with it and to complete it to the best of my abilities in order to realise the success I desire.

With reference to my opening statement, let me conclude with the following words:

You never know what challenges you can deal with till you choose to deal with it from within the courage of your convictions!

So, next week in completing this journey framework, we will explore the final and underpinning element of persistency.

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