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It's the being that makes you do the doing...so be your authentic version of yourself.

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A call to one’s Inherent Life Purpose – Part 2

So, as a continuation of par 1, at any a point in time, wanting to authentically resolve a quest in mind, one follows the 5-step process of: Pause –> Connect –> Reflect –> Choose –> Continue in Gratitude! Let’s now explore each step in more detail ...

A call to one’s Inherent Life Purpose – Part 1

The topic of my sharing today is about getting oneself into a state of being for best answering the call to one’s Inherent Life Purpose!

Having a “balanced” team can be a blessing … or a curse

Where we have the needed complimentary- and balanced skillset but with opposing personal characteristics- and preferences, how can such a team still be functionally viable to the enterprise?

The price paid by egoic men

Men, and women, who have taking on a disposition of egocentricity in the long-term experience a sense-of-separateness within the community and end up having within a feeling of emptiness.

Reflection – Living within the New Normal

The time has come for the collective exploration of spiritual awareness (intelligence) and subsequent experience of consciousness, as an expression of one’s Authentic Self.

Part 2: Roles that support a balanced life

As we move along our journey towards being our best, we also need to be cognisant of certain roles that can be adopted to support a balanced approach towards living this journey. 

For work you give to another there should always be an exchange of energy.” St Germain

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