Eliciting opportunity

By Dirk Devis,

March 9, 2021

During the progress in our journey towards success, within the context of an appropriate attitude, it is important to recognize and elicit opportunities along the way to improve your chances at being successful, especially in the midst of difficult situations.

Nevertheless, you must not fear difficult situations along your path, but rather fear the absence of them. It is actually in the midst of those difficult situations that brings forth the occasion to identify and embrace those opportunities.

In addition, when you observe life, you see that life is about movement, evolution, constant change, even to the extreme of adapt or die. So, with regard to personal growth, life does not stand still and as such provides an inherent “evolutionary tension” that surfaces new opportunities to pursue! This ensures continuous growth of your being in any given situation.

So, given those difficult situations, do you see them as an occasion to respond to in an appropriate way?

Do you embrace those difficult situations in the belief that they are a gift, for eliciting opportunities along the way to improve your chances at being successful?

Next week we will explore further the dealing with challenges the comes with it all.

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