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My message to humanity...

You have a spark of divinity within you. I see you. I love you.

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Have you thanked your Higher Power for what DIDN’T happen?

How many times have I been saved from a potential disaster without even knowing it?  How many times do I say thank you for what DIDN'T happen?  

The Art and Science of Visualization

What illusions of safety are you clinging to? Who is not being served because you are playing it safe? 

A God encounter on a virtual beach

I had a God encounter on a virtual beach in a virtual reality video game

Interconnectedness and the Virtual Reality Summer Camp

There's a beautiful synergy in the interconnectedness of spirituality and business


Do you believe that LOVE is transformative? Are you keen to interrupt systems and norms with a loving approach to change?

For work you give to another there should always be an exchange of energy.” St Germain

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With thanks, Elizabeth Rosner

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