Focusing on clear and meaningful goal-related objectives

By Dirk Devis,

February 23, 2021

Let’s start this journey by acknowledging the following.

An important reason for having clear and and meaningful goal related objectives for your journey is to set them as directives for ensuring a successful outcome regarding the intent of the goal. These objectives can also be seen as areas of interest to deal with in order to realise a successful outcome.

People are teleological beings, meaning we are goal-directed and need to keep seeking related objectives for the sake of our wellbeing. It is therefore in our nature to want to reach objectives and to reach them at a specific time. I have noticed that having committed objectives is good, but having them time bound as well is even better, as this seems to attract auspicious conditions and circumstances to realise them at that time.

The main benefit of having areas of interest / objectives set as directives, is that they endow you with the ability to remain focused and directed towards the intention and not get intimidated and subsequently distracted by “Frightful Things” i.e. obstacles, along the way. It’s about acknowledging those obstacles in the belief that resolutions to those obstacles are imminent via giving only the appropriate attendance they deserve. It’s just one of those things within a journey.

So, given your journey today, where are you at dealing with those “frightful things” along your way? 

Are they bogging you down, or do you remain focussed while giving them attention only to the extent of what they deserve? 

So, my invitation to you is:

  1. During this week coming to determine what those top 3 areas of interests/objectives, set as directives for a fulfilling life, are that you want to focus on!
  2. Subsequently to deal appropriately with those “frightful things” along the way!

Next week we will explore the importance of holding an appropriate attitude.

Always, with Love and Gratitude.

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