Full Moon in Capricorn + Penumbral Lunar Eclipse – Re-Vision

By Sibylle Stehli,

July 3, 2020

The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse peaks at 06h31 and the Full Moon peaks at 06h44 on 05 June 2020 in Cape Town, South Africa.

This is the last of a trio of eclipses which started on 05 June. The eclipse is only slightly visible as it’s the Earth’s outer shadow which passes over the moon. We may be breathing a sigh of relief, yet this passage-closer is no less important or less intense than the two previous ones!

Mindfulness Tip – Conscious Choice vs Default Setting
Remember to set your intention / choice / wish for some extra magic and sparkle. This is important as you have free will in each moment. So choosing consciously what you would like this moon cycle to bring you will allow things to align, come into harmony and synchronize with what you choose.. 

The sign of Capricorn is significant for this passage-closer as Capricorn is an Earth sign.

It is symbolised by the goat which is about being grounded and sure-footed. It is a great reminder to be outdoors, get the feet into soil or sand and onto grass and re-connect with Earth.

The eclipse peaks at 06h31 and the moon peaks at 06h44. Here is this number-nerd’s interpretation of the numerological significance:

The zero is about everything being born from and returned to the zero-point.
We also have the influence of the 6 which is about home, family, security, nurturing and support.
Add to this the influence of the 4 in both peak times (3 + 1 = 4 and a double 4 in 44). The 4 is about stability, structure and foundation.

When our world feels stable, we have structure in our lives and can move forward with sure-footedness. With a stable foundation to live from, life evolves in peace, ease, flow, balance and harmony; no matter what the world circumstances are. Our personal ‘universe’ can withstand the challenges, uncertainty and unknown.

Another aspect is that this event takes place on Independence Day (04 July) in the USA. Another 4 influence and it offers us a chance to look at how we would like to show up more independently for ourselves in our lives. We can evaluate where we may have become too dependent on things outside of ourselves instead of tuning in to the wisdom and resources we each have inside.

What I have been experiencing in the last few weeks

The theme of this moon event is Re-Vision.

I have been experiencing this in various ways since the beginning of the eclipse season a month ago. The collapsing of our outer world structures is only a reflection of what many of us are experiencing internally. It is as if our personal foundations have been rocked and shaken to the core. I have found myself re-evaluating my beliefs, how I show up for myself and in life. I have been looking at what needs to be de-constructed and re-built and re-structured differently for a new way forward. Whether I like it or not, a new way forward is the order of each day and it evolves from moment-to-moment. How I show up now is vastly different to how I showed up just 2 weeks ago.

Together with this and my shifting perceptions of myself, I am in the process of gaining a new vision for my life and what is possible. It is also a process of revision – going over some ‘old’ territory with respect to values, priorities and what I thought I wanted for my life versus what I am now open to receiving in my life. The way forward for me is unknown…just like we are all experiencing globally.

I, as each and every one of us, am a Creator-Being. I am in charge of creating my own reality, first internally and then it manifests externally. This requires a huge level of personal responsibility in thought, word and action in every moment. What I Re-Vision for myself and the way I would like my life and life for all on the planet to be, is vitally important, as it does have an influence in the greater scheme of things.

What you may be experiencing at this time

  • Feeling grumpy, irritated and ‘gatvol’
  • Tired of the negativity and other people projecting their fear and worries onto you
  • Feeling ‘tired and wired’ or totally wiped out and exhausted or bouncing off the walls with energy
  • Challenges with skin and hair – such as dry listless hair, dry skin or random skin rashes and itchy skin and scalp
  • Aches, pains or niggles in the spine, joints and knees (skeleton and bones being the foundational structure for our bodies)
  • Fluctuating between Intense flashes of inspiration and joy and down-in-the-dumps in the next millisecond (and wondering if you are bi-polar)

How you can best help yourself at this time

Remember that the effects of every moon phase last up to 3 days after the peak, so keep up with helpful practices for a few days:

  • Be kind and patient with yourself
  • Rest as much as needed and stay hydrated
  • Go out in nature and do grounding as often as you can (as mentioned above)
  • Give yourself permission to grieve the loss of what could have been, letting it finally go, as new things are coming
  • Give yourself some slack and recognise that just like the planet, you are also a work in progress, even if it is currently messy
  • Put your hands lovingly on Mother Earth and say the word Freedom – this anchors in the Freedom codes which are currently beaming down onto and enveloping the Earth

Sending all Love, Light and Compassionate Blessings ?

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