Full Moon in Virgo – Liberation

By Sibylle Stehli,

February 26, 2021

This gentle, soothing full moon peaks on 26-27 February – in South Africa it lights up our skies fully on Saturday 27 February at 10h17.

Whereas full moons usually are a time of increased emotional intensity, this full moon has a gentle and calming effect. Its essence is liberation – the sign of Virgo symbolises inner strength, freedom and independence. This results from being whole and complete within yourself, as you know and live from the essence that everything you need is within you.

It also stems from the connection which you have with your Higher Self and Soul, which has your bigger picture and is the GPS system for navigating your way through this physical reality.

My recent experience

I have found the 2 weeks since the new moon mentally challenging. With the Aquarius Stellium (6 planets in the sign of Aquarius), my mind was very busy. I caught myself starting to over-think and over-analyse the sudden changes mentioned in my previous post. I have not experienced the mind-chatter in this way for a really long time and found it draining.

Mercury being in retrograde (moving backwards relative to the movement of Earth) added its essence of technological interruptions to the mix. There are 4 dogs, 3 tenants, visitors, parties, garden services and more which has created chaos and disrupted flow for me. I have found it challenging to focus, so I did the best thing I could for myself and made the conscious choice to complete priority tasks and allocate time to just BE and not ‘push’ any projects that were clearly not aligning at present.

The blessings are arriving because I prioritized myself through self-care, grounding and surrendering to the new direction of life’s flow. I move into my rented space for the month of March on Friday 26 February and know that this is a total up-levelling which is occurring. It is also a beautiful culmination (aligned with the energy of a full moon) of the last 6 months of not compromising on my dream of living on the Atlantic Seaboard!

During this time I carried on with my weekly tennis lesson. Practising serve, forehand and backhand technical aspects, I have 4 – 5 great shots and then the intensity of the focus seems to shift. My coach encourages me to stop-breathe-focus and start again. When I have played a shot, I go to the centre of the back line of the court to be ready for the next ball coming my way. And so the game of tennis has given me great analogies for life and they are:

  • Stay present
  • Have fun and laugh often
  • Always come back to centre and be ready
  • Acknowledge and celebrate each win along the way
  • When focus wanes, it is important to stop, breathe and re-align
  • Be easy on yourself as what you are learning and doing is a work in progress
  • Be open and ready for the next move and let the previous one go as it is done

Lesson learned

“Open freshly into each new now moment so that it can reveal its gift to you”

We have the opportunity to make the most of each moment and it is up to us to gift it to ourselves.

What you may be experiencing at this time

  • Being bloated and having digestive issues
  • Feeling pressurised by external circumstances
  • Feeling ungrounded, light-headed, scattered, drained
  • Having a sense of being detached and not fully engaged
  • A busy mind and over-thinking, over-analysing and being critical of yourself
  • Feeling inner tension of wanting to push forward and yet needing to pull back

How you can best help yourself at this time

  • Give yourself permission to rest as much as you can while still getting the most important things done
  • Be in stillness and connect with your Higher Self and Soul as this is where your wisdom and guidance rests
  • Stop, breath and become present to the moment – it is a beautiful way to become grounded and centred in your body
  • Ground outside in nature as often as you can (lying on the grass and listening to the sounds around you is powerful and easy to do)
  • De-clutter by letting go of all that is not a necessity (you may be amazed at how many things are just not that important anymore)

Mindfulness Tip

Intention is important and so be mindful of what you are intending when you take actions or make decisions and choices. Choosing consciously what you would like this moon cycle to bring you will allow things to align, come into harmony and synchronize with your choice...


In Love, Light and Compassion 😊



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