Full Super-Flower Moon in Scorpio – Full Bloom

By Sibylle Stehli,

May 6, 2020

This ‘Flower” Moon fully blooms at 12h45 in the afternoon of Thursday, 07 May 2020, in Cape Town South Africa.

This moon is the last of the 3 Supermoons for 2020 – it is the last one that comes very close to Earth in its trajectory and, therefore, it looks bigger than usual and also has a greater influence on us as well.

It is known as the Flower Moon as in the northern hemisphere it is May and flowers come into full bloom. For us in the southern hemisphere we have flowers coming into bloom in our Autumn season too!

Mindfulness Tip – Conscious Choice vs Default Setting

Remember to set your intention/choice/wish for some extra magic and sparkle. This is important as you have free will in each moment. So choosing consciously what you would like this moon cycle to bring you will allow things to align, come into harmony and synchronize with what you choose.

Significance of this moon

Being a Supermoon means that the magic as well as the emotions and issues which are wanting to be resolved, are amplified. It illuminates that which has long been hidden, by shining a light and bringing it to our attention and awareness. And the moon being in the sign of Scorpio (the Scorpion) gives us a choice. Our actions and non-actions carry the ‘sting’ of their own consequences. We can choose to either look at that which is being revealed or push it back into the dark again only to come back into full bloom again at another time.

The moon peaks on day 7 of the month and this number can mean sudden changes and insights (think of the 7 as a lightning bolt coming down from the heavens above) and it has the essence of magic in it too.

What I have been experiencing since the last post

I remember when we were camping as a family and my son, who was very young at the time, saw a scorpion run out from under the tent as his Dad and I lifted it to pack away when our weekend camping trip was over. He ran after it and tried to catch it by its upturned tail and I picked him up just before he reached it.

The memory of this incident is prompting the questions:

  • “What is coming into full bloom in my life?”
  • “How can I best grab it by the tail (without getting stung) and make the most of it?”

In this continuing time of LoveUp, aka Lockdown, I have been allowing new directions and clarity to arise while there are completions and closures happening. For me, the significance of May being a 9 Universal month (5th month in a 4 Universal year) is working its magic.

9 is about closure, completion and the transition into the new. It pretty much reflects what we are going through on a global scale as well.

Additionally, the 9 is comprised of a combination of the 5 (change, freedom, transformation, adventure) and the 4 (structure, stability, foundation, security). So in the endings, a new structure for my life for the way forward is becoming clear. When things are on the move again, the freedom of the transformation and having put a new secure foundation in place will lead me into the next adventure!

What you may be experiencing at this time

  • Feeling emotional
  • Nausea and extreme thirst
  • Kidney, bladder, prostrate niggles
  • Alternating between feeling boiling hot to warm and then cold
  • Scalp tingles, dry skin, odd skin rashes, listless hair and brittle nails
  • Feeling hungry even if you have just eaten or not wanting to eat at all and feeling nauseous at the mere thought of food
  • Going from great energy levels to completely exhausted almost in the next moment
  • Getting sudden clarity, insights and solutions which you have been wanting for a long time

How you can best help yourself at this time

  • Drink as much water as needed…and then some more
  • Rest and give yourself time-out when the physical symptoms pick up
  • Relax in the knowing that the seemingly unusual physical symptoms will pass
  • Have patience with yourself and others at this time - we are picking up on each other’s emotions (especially when out shopping for essentials)
  • Stay focussed on your BIG picture or spend time contemplating it if you don’t know what that is yet
  • Be clear on your boundaries in all your relationships with others and stand in your Truth at all times
  • Stay open to new possibilities showing up and leaving some outdated dreams, thoughts, ideals, etc behind as things may need to be different for the times ahead

Remember that a healthy diet, a good dose of sunshine-laughter-joy and being at peace and in harmony within yourself are the best things to keep your immune system boosted.

Sending all Love, Light and Compassionate Blessings

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