Have you thanked your Higher Power for what DIDN’T happen?

By Elizabeth Rosner,

August 14, 2021

Recently, I upgraded my trusted Magic Bullet to a NutriBullet Pro.  I wanted to increase the motor speed and the NBPro uses an extractor blade, so I can put in raw veggies and they are pulverized to a fine, drinking consistency.

Yesterday, I made my delicious strawberry/carrot/watermelon/pineapple/cucumber/ginger/Tumeric breakfast smoothie.  When I removed the blade from the cup, it slipped.  Rather than let it drop to the floor, I instinctively reached out to catch it.  It landed in my hand, blade side touching my palm.

When I flipped it over, my hand was covered in a faintly red liquid.  My mind said, "BLOOD!!  ARGH!  My hand is cut!! Is it a deep wound?  Will I need stitches?"  I rinsed it under the kitchen faucet, bracing myself for immense pain, and I felt nothing.  The liquid ran off under the water stream and I couldn't find any discernable wounds.  (I thought perhaps there was a huge gash based on the amount of substance I was seeing!)

It turns out that the liquid was merely smoothie remnants left on the blade.  Even though this amazing contraption can extract all the yumminess from a carrot, reducing it to a fine pulp, the blade didn't cut my hand.

I said a hearty THANK YOU to my Higher Power.  Which led me to wonder....how many times have I been saved from a potential disaster without even knowing it?  How many times do I say thank you for what DIDN'T happen?

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2 thoughts on “Have you thanked your Higher Power for what DIDN’T happen?”

  1. So true Elizabeth. There are a number of stories that circulated after 9/11 (amazing to think we have just come past the 20th remembrance of that awful day) of people who were running late for some reason or other and were not inside when the planes struck. Their Higher Power or guardian angels were certainly looking after them that day🙏.


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