Have you thanked your Higher Power for what DIDN’T happen?

By Elizabeth Rosner,

August 14, 2021

Recently, I upgraded my trusted Magic Bullet to a NutriBullet Pro.  I wanted to increase the motor speed and the NBPro uses an extractor blade, so I can put in raw veggies and they are pulverized to a fine, drinking consistency.

Yesterday, I made my delicious strawberry/carrot/watermelon/pineapple/cucumber/ginger/Tumeric breakfast smoothie.  When I removed the blade from the cup, it slipped.  Rather than let it drop to the floor, I instinctively reached out to catch it.  It landed in my hand, blade side touching my palm.

When I flipped it over, my hand was covered in a faintly red liquid.  My mind said, "BLOOD!!  ARGH!  My hand is cut!! Is it a deep wound?  Will I need stitches?"  I rinsed it under the kitchen faucet, bracing myself for immense pain, and I felt nothing.  The liquid ran off under the water stream and I couldn't find any discernable wounds.  (I thought perhaps there was a huge gash based on the amount of substance I was seeing!)

It turns out that the liquid was merely smoothie remnants left on the blade.  Even though this amazing contraption can extract all the yumminess from a carrot, reducing it to a fine pulp, the blade didn't cut my hand.

I said a hearty THANK YOU to my Higher Power.  Which led me to wonder....how many times have I been saved from a potential disaster without even knowing it?  How many times do I say thank you for what DIDN'T happen?

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