Having a “balanced” team can be a blessing … or a curse

By Dirk Devis,

May 15, 2021

Within the context of team dynamics, it is well known that for an enterprise having a fully functional team, such a team needs to go through a process of: forming – storming – norming – to perform well within the enterprise.

However, within a group of strong-willed individuals, the storming and norming part of the process might actually be hectic. Specifically, where we have the needed complimentary- and balanced skillset but with opposing personal characteristics- and preferences like: being intuitive, innovative, fast paste with head in the clouds and being the visionary versus being sensory, looking after, slow paste with feet on the ground and being the implementer. Opposing characteristics and strengths are also being extrovert, dialoguing, warm and outgoing with a vibrant presence and being the people’s person versus being introvert, detailed and systemised, strong at controlling and discipline, with a cool calm collected and consolidating presence, being the technical analyser.

A way to facilitate this storming and norming process could be to introduce a common goal to work to as an overarching “Why” for working in harmony. However, with regard to the above mentioned different strong personalities and inherent strengths this might not totally work.

So, my question is: what else needs to happen and has to be implemented by this team to be a “blessing” in functioning within the enterprise; instead of being a “curse” as a dysfunctional team within the enterprise?

Within the spirit of collaboration, I now invite you to share some insights in answering the above question!

Looking forward to your feedback 😊

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3 thoughts on “Having a “balanced” team can be a blessing … or a curse”

  1. It’s a good point Dirk, our unique differences need to enhance and support the team, providing alternative perspectives and solutions, not to derail, put blocks in the way of others and halt progress.

    Self awareness, respect and understanding our impact on others are important to when creating a harmonious and effective team environment.

    • I thank you for your feedback and I fully agree with it. My take on this is that for any successful partnering and working relationship, the secret is to:

      “Appreciate, celebrate and support one another’s talents and natural strengths,
      as well as
      Accept, embrace and positively deal with one another’ challenges and weaknesses!”

  2. The common goal you introduce Dirk is the beginning, so helping people express that from their own perspective (according to their behaviour preference) could be a way to develop deeper understanding for all.


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