It’s time for us all to transform our anger into passion

By Stanley Beckett,

June 9, 2021

Having spent the past few years engaging with listeners on our radio show, I have noticed how the level of anger is rising.  When this happens we have one of three choices :

  1. Suppress the anger and ignore it
  2. Use the anger destructively
  3. Use the anger constructively

The obvious winner is to use our anger constructively, but the question then becomes, "How do we do that"? Let's discuss how to go about this:

Anger (Charged) Energy is energy that your body creates in response to something in your environment not working the way you would want / need / choose it to. Anger / Life Force Energy is the most natural, relevant and required response to a set of circumstances around us that threaten us in any way – it is provided to us to ensure our physical and psychological survival. It is our way of ensuring our survival and ability to overcome those circumstances. It is a life force energy that gives us the drive and resource to rise above those circumstances.

The problem with anger is that it is much maligned and misunderstood. We all know it as those nuclear outbursts that damage, hurt and even destroy. It is celebrated in the media as wrath, aggression and loss of control. We even experience it much closer to home as being something unwanted and requiring management because it is negative, causes pain and is the source of heartache and trauma. This is real and true and more so because when we experience anger, we allow it to control, rule and own us. It uses us as tool for its purpose and that purpose usually serves our ego in wanting to dominate another. It shows up in daily events such as a child throwing a tantrum in a shopping centre and the parent either spanking the child or suppressing the anger for fear of being labelled a bad parent. As a result, we are taught from a very early age to either deny or suppress anger because it is seen as a problem and a part of us that needs to change or go away.

This is all because we are never shown that anger energy can be used for something greater, positive and even constructive. So, we turn to one of two options; we Fight back (allow our anger to use us), or we Freeze (suppress it). The suppression of it is the cause of Sadness energy, and this is where our trauma really sits and festers and causes immense suffering. It is where we deny ourselves the opportunity of full self-expression and go into a whole story, justification, explanation about why / how the world is an unjust place. The way to unlock Sadness is to honestly look, and answer the question: “What anger am I not allowing?” or “What anger am I suppressing?” An honest look and answering of these questions will instantly shift you from Sadness energy to Anger / Charged Energy. The “Fight mechanism” of course just perpetuates the problem, and like any hostile situation often results in tit-for tat responses.

This is inherent in the global psyche – it’s what we are conditioned to do in the way we are raised and conditioned by all our learning’s and experiences. It is our reaction to circumstances; it is us operating without conscious choice. Whichever route we take, it is serving a superficial part of us that is our ego. It serves an instant gratification purpose and one of no thought of creating a different or new alternative. It serves no Higher Purpose. The question we should always ask is “What possibilities could lie in using all of this anger to constructive purpose?” One of the least celebrated ignored or even forgotten gifts that we have as human beings … is choice. Imagine what we could create if we were not victims of the past or the present, but were in fact focused on rising above, as a nation, all these circumstances – through something different and new.

First, we must see that we have that choice. Anger energy has been using us for so long that at first glance it may seem that it is impossible to pause, harness the energy and then do something different with it. That is not the actual truth though. Whether it is when we read a new headline about crime / corruption, have a bad experience in the traffic, suffer prejudice or have someone at work challenge us or take advantage of us, we do have a small gap that occurs between the event and when we choose our next steps; despite deep and powerful emotions that accompany the experience.

When we are serving our ego and trying to preserve our Identity, we usually default into the fight / flight scenario described earlier. Or we could choose to serve something different. A higher purpose that is good for us and good for others, even if it doesn’t feel as good or as comfortable, or as justified, or as gratifying as the default. What if we could choose to commit to a Higher Purpose and then channel all that dissatisfaction, discontent, anger and rage – all that energy, into something that serves, rather than takes?

A Higher Purpose could be something like having Compassion (getting where another person is at, and supporting them to be their best), it could be living a life free of judgment, using our skills to uplift another, being courteous in the traffic instead of trying to beat the guy in the fast car to the gap, it could be committing to not paying a Metro cop, a bribe, not playing the race card but looking at how to contribute to unity, not making other people wrong for their choices. It could be that angry parent in the shopping center choosing to channel his / her anger energy for a child’s behavior into the Higher Purpose of patience and open communication, with an open heart to the child rather than beating the child or suppressing the anger and living a frustrated life.

Of course, our ego doesn’t always find that attractive, but deep down we know that it is right for us and would alter the way anger energy is employed. So, when that tiny gap occurs between the trigger for our anger, and our acting – do you choose to react in service of your ego, or do you choose to respond by using that energy towards a self-chosen higher purpose? It is tough initially, and takes commitment and practice; but imagine this energy could be the fuel that propels you to a life that is even fuller, richer, more powerful and definitely greater. Just imagine for a second a world where we are not hiding from our potential, where we are not suppressing anger, depressed or in angry reaction to what is happening to us.

Imagine your world where you are fueled by your anger energy to achieve things that you couldn’t have dreamed possible- not in spite of your circumstances, but thanks to your circumstances. That’s the use of anger energy in a way that we are not accustomed to. Like a new pair of shoes, it will require wearing-in. But imagine the possibilities, where you are not triggered and reacting to circumstances around you but energized and alive, sparkling and sparking with charged anger energy that you are channeling into something that you are passionate about and that makes a fundamental difference. It starts with us understanding that this anger should not be something that we shy away from, try to deny or even be rid of. Anger is energy – nothing more, nothing less. It is an energy that, exactly like nuclear energy, can be used for destruction or to power an entire city. It’s just a question of what we choose it to serve.

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1 thought on “It’s time for us all to transform our anger into passion”

  1. So true Stanley that we have a choice once we are aware that anger is an energy that we can use for good or bad, rather than something which controls us.


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