Lessons I learn from being childlike once a week

By Allison Wentworth Ross,

May 6, 2021

As I glance around the Conscious Collaborators blog, I am in awe of the deep and powerful insights from the contributors around me and their thought-provoking questions. Not quite as deep, my inspiration today comes from Barney the purple dinosaur.

Ten months into absolutely loving grannihood, I get to spend a considerable amount of time watching Cocomelon and Barney. Cocomelon for Olivia, Barney for me because it brings back so many memories of my son's childhood and, well, it's an excuse to sing along.

Maybe it's the child in me or maybe it's because I'm still growing up, but this week it felt as if Barney was speaking directly to me!

"You are special you're the only one, you're the only one like you. There isn't another in this whole wide world who can do the things you do. Oh you are special, special. Everyone is special, everyone in his or her own way."

You're so right, Barney! I AM special. We often try so hard to succeed in the ways others decide for us instead of tapping into what makes us unique. In fact, trying to live up to the expectations of others is often the fastest way to fail.

He also reminded me what collaboration is all about: "Oh, we take turns so we'll all have fun, and we include everyone. We take turns so we'll all have fun."

Collaborating is about working together in a fun way, each one contributing to a goal greater than we could achieve as individuals. It's also about shining a light on others, which goes against what normal business insists we do to always be shining a light on ourselves.

Finally, which is probably the most important of it all: Barney is a figment of their imagination. And isn't the trick to realising our goals to first imagine them?

So in stark contrast to the shock and horror of Rock-a-bye Baby, kudos to the creators of the purple dinosaur for appealing to children of all levels with life-long lessons. We should probably all be singing along as part of our daily affirmations.

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1 thought on “Lessons I learn from being childlike once a week”

  1. Well said Barney, I couldn’t agree more! If we are open, inspiration and wisdom can come from many places. I love The Clangers, a kids series from my childhood, I now follow them on Twitter and am amazed at how much it resonates with me now. Always tap into your inner child, no matter what your age.


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