New Moon in Aquarius – Consistent Level-Up

By Sibylle Stehli,

February 11, 2021

It is a power-packed New Moon this month, peaking at 21h05 in South Africa.

The moon peaks while in the Aquarius Stellium and a day before or on the day of the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Yin Metal Ox.

All of these alignments are here to create welcome changes in our lives – individually and globally. The best way to navigate this Stellium period, which lasts until 25 February, is to embrace the changes in your life and welcome them.

The last time there was a line-up of planets in Aquarius was in 1962 which started the freedom/hippie movement with widespread influence around the world. It will be interesting to see in times ahead, what this Stellium triggered at this time in our evolution.

What is a Stellium?

It is when at least 4 planets are in the same astrological sign. This one is powerful as there are currently 6 planets in Aquarius from 10 Feb. So we have an overall combination of the energies of 6 planets, creating a powerhouse of energy for our benefit.

Aquarius is air sign and linked with the mind and intellect. Stelliums are an accelerator, so you may find that ideas and inspirations are pouring in or you could be feeling lost, confused or foggy-headed.

Yin Metal Ox Influence

It is about setting strong foundations and making slow and steady progress towards your goals. Ox is also a symbol of stubbornness, so be mindful of where you are stopping the flow of life from where it wants to take you.

Going with the flow harnesses the power of the Yin Metal aspect. Yin is the feminine, intuitive, flow aspect and this softens the rigidity of metal and the stubbornness of Ox. Regularly stop and take stock of your progress and stay open to welcoming in the changes which may need to happen to course-correct.

Ox also shines a light on creating wealth and prosperity. Spend mindfully and recognise and be in gratitude for the abundance you already have in your life.

My recent experience

Change has certainly been the word of the month for me!

Since I embraced the attitude of zero tolerance with the previous full moon, things have suddenly shifted in beautifully quick and easy ways in 2 key areas in my life.

The first was a change relating to self-worth and self-value with a project I am currently collaborating on. There was an assumption that my services may be offered free of charge (they would be volunteered), even though I had stated upfront that my time would be charged. I have noticed that this is an ongoing theme in South Africa and so I stood my ground and am now in the tendering process. I consciously took on the role of being a wayshower and initiating a break in the lack-consciousness that seems to be so pervasive.

Flexibility has been key - surrendering the outcome fully - and taking the inspired action I am intuitively guided with each day. Even though it seems like this new development is way off from where my goal is, I am embracing the changes and staying firmly grounded in my worth, values and integrity to myself.

Almost simultaneously, I had the opportunity to rent a place for 1 month in March. When it presented itself, I immediately had this gut instinct that it was the best thing for me and so I committed last week on Friday. It is a HUGE milestone as it is the first time in 4 years that I can pay rent for an entire month.

I feel as if I am already being blessed with the Yin Metal Ox energy and the Stellium abundance 😊

I have, not always willingly, stayed committed to my gypsy journey and consciously and intuitively going where the flow of life was taking me. I did learn many lessons along the way and reinforced the essences of resilience, determination and patience. I refused to compromise or give up on my dreams and goals and now it is all converging in miraculous ways. I am embracing the stellar blessings of this moon phase to accelerate the new unfolding of my next steps!

Lesson learned

“Patience and flexibility are key!”

My heart and intuition are my GPS for life. By trusting my inner guidance fully in each moment, no matter what my mind is telling me, I bring my dreams to life in miraculous ways..

What you may be experiencing at this time

  • Unexpected, sudden, changes in direction
  • New ideas, inspirations and creativity getting a boost of energy
  • Wanting to try new things and test the waters with ideas and inspirations received
  • Aches or symptoms in the extremities – feet, ankles, lower legs, hands and forearms
  • Juggling too many balls and sensing a need to take a breather and prioritize for ease and flow to resume
  • Feeling charged up and clear-minded OR feeling overwhelmed, confused, chaotic and foggy-headed OR oscillating from one to the other during the day

How you can best help yourself at this time

  • Take short 5 -–10 minute mindfulness breathers in the day to ground, centre and align yourself
  • Embrace the essence of openness to the new entering into your life and letting go of that which is outdated and stagnant
  • Check for the ways in which you may be rigidly looking at a situation in your life and find ways to change it up with flexibility from new perspectives
  • Be willing to change direction and embrace new opportunities which seem to synergistically pop up in your life – they are blessings from the Universe
  • Stay true to your worth and value and check that you have healthy boundaries in place for what is and what is not appropriate for you for your way forward

Mindfulness Tip

Intention is important and so be mindful of what you are intending when you take actions or make decisions and choices. Choosing consciously what you would like this moon cycle to bring you will allow things to align, come into harmony and synchronize with your choice...

In Love, Light and Compassion 😊


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