New Moon in Capricorn – Transformation

By Sibylle Stehli,

January 12, 2021

We have a subtle yet powerful New Moon this month, peaking either on 12 or 13 January; depending on where you are located in the world. It is our first New Moon in a New Year and a perfect time to start something new 😊

2021 is a year of change and transformation. It is about embodying the essences of change, freedom, fun, adventure, innovation, creativity and inspiration. Another aspect is living and acting from a place of internal balance of our masculine and feminine aspects.

And so, in line with this major theme of change, I have decided to apply it to this blog and will be sharing the information I receive in a new way!

My recent experience

I have noticed that I am reflecting on where I was living and how my internal world was a year ago in January 2020. Last year was very much a year of many old ‘structures’ in my life breaking down and leaving. I experienced this through letting go of old belief systems, habits, behaviours and thoughts; as well as changing aspects of my diet and lifestyle. I sometimes am not aware of just how much is shifting and changing when I am in the moment and it is occurring. So looking back now, I realise just how much has changed; both internally and externally.

A key note for me has been how important it is for me to stay grounded, centred and connected to my Truth within. This has opened up and allowed a whole new world to be birthed internally and my latest experiences have shown me the value of this.

And on the subject of key note - I happened to come across (divine synchronicity) an ad for The Songwriting Academy. They were offering a 5-day songwriting challenge at a hugely discounted rate. It was as if my Soul took over and signed me up as it happened so quickly and easily without ‘thinking about it first’. At first I had no idea why this particular aspect had opened up in my life. It just felt so ‘right’ that I did not question it at all and followed the inspired action of signing up. This is when the fun began…

On the first live call, a lyric wrote itself on a page. The next day the key notes of a melody landed while I was in a meditative state. So I thought that this is easier than I could ever have imagined. Then came the crunch – we had to sing a verse over a backing track and I hit a wall. My song was not appropriate for any of the tracks supplied. So I had no lyrics and an assignment which was needing to be completed.

What came up for me was that I had always been told that I was born tone-deaf and with no concept of rhythm. The internalisation was that it was safer to not be good at wither singing or music as it would just lead to huge embarrassment for me. I had the belief that if I was good at the theory of music, I would not be asked to perform it. This was not how the music lessons or exams were structured and so music for me was long hours of practice while my friends were having fun. .

I gathered all the courage I could and put back the pieces of self-esteem which had shattered when I hit the wall. I opened myself up to a new adventure and reached out to a friend and asked for help. The end result was a 4-line verse on a backing track. My assignment was complete!

Lesson learned

“Connection in all aspects of life is key”

Each NOW moment is intricately linked to my big picture and my purpose. When I stay connected to the big picture I have for my life; the details get filled in when they are required. Staying on track through the guidance of my heart and intuition, being open and allowing and in trust and surrender are vital. This allows for the moments I am experiencing to merge and mingle with the big picture and lead me to the next appropriate step on my path.

What you may be experiencing at this time

  • Slowly gaining more clarity for your way forward
  • Feeling the urge to be out in nature and become grounded
  • Dryness of skin and hair and hair being flat, listless or extra frizzy
  • Having physical symptoms and weird pains in spine, knees and joints
  • Feeling restless and is if there is a big shift coming for you and your life
  • Realising that all change in the outer world comes from first changing internally and in your own ‘You-niverse’
  • Issues that were here a year ago may show up again if they have not been completed in some aspect
  • Spending time going within and reflecting on just how much you have grown and how much has changed in your life; no matter how small that change may be

How you can best help yourself at this time

  • Open and allow yourself to experience new things in new ways
  • Embrace the unexpected as it is a new adventure of a different kind
  • Honour just how much you have grown and matured during the last year
  • Transform what is old and outdated into things which are new and inspiring
  • Find new ways to connect with your body as this is your Home – the vehicle for your Soul and how it wishes to express itself in the world
  • Recognise where you may be stubbornly holding onto things and use the energy of determination and persistence to create the changes required
  • Recognise how your values and priorities have changed and how differently you are showing up and handling the challenges which come your way
  • Be in the NOW moment and internalise at a deep level that it is fully connected to your bigger picture, even if you do not know what it is all about yet

Mindfulness Tip

Intention is important and so be mindful of what you are intending when you take actions or make decisions and choices. Choosing consciously what you would like this moon cycle to bring you will allow things to align, come into harmony and synchronize with your choice...

In Love, Light and Compassion 😊


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