Black New Moon in Leo – Bringing it In!

By Sibylle Stehli,

August 18, 2020

This ‘Black’ New Moon peaks at 04h41 in Cape Town South Africa.

The term ‘Black’ New Moon applies when there are multiple New Moons which occur in one season. This is the third of four in this current season. It only happens every 33 months and the last time was in 2017. New Moons are all about a new beginning and the chance for a reset through introspection or going within. We get a chance to reset our attitudes, beliefs, actions, behaviours, intentions, dreams for what you want, etc.

We can apply the deeper influence of this particular moon by deepening in our introspective reset. Give yourself permission to have quiet time to go deep within and really look at what needs adjusting. And then take the necessary action steps.

Mindfulness Tip – Conscious Choice vs Default Setting

Remember to set your intention/choice/ wish for some extra magic and sparkle. This is important as you have free will in each moment. So choosing consciously what you would like this moon cycle to bring you will allow things to align, come into harmony, and synchronize with what you choose...

The Numerology of this ‘rare’ Moon

Peak time is 04h41 and so we have a number 9 (4 + 4 + 1) with the influences of 0-4-1-8.

Zero represents the reset / zero point from which all is created and destroyed. This is where the introspection plays a role as we can let go (destroy) that which no longer serves us and start anew with a fresh, clean slate.

The 4 is about structure, security, stability, certainty and symbolises a solid foundation. So let go of what is undermining your foundation and structure so that you can build anew with a stable, solid foundation which serves and supports you going forward. There are two 4’s which add up to 8. The double 4 gives greater impact to what was written about the 4 influence above. The 8 symbolises infinity, power, transformation, abundance, manifestation, balance, harmony, and alignment with the Source of who you are. When you have a solid foundation built on your own Truth you align and fully stand in your power.

The 1 represents leadership, standing in your own Truth, being aligned with the Source of who you are and independence. It is literally all about YOU!

What I have experienced since the last post

It has been an intense time of letting go on many levels and in many layers. My daughter left South Africa to join her brother in London to pursue her career as a movie producer. And with her leaving, the literal last vestige of my ‘old’ reality came to completion as she symbolised a part of my ‘old’ life. Her father has moved on and is engaged, my son has been in London since February 2019 and I have consciously chosen to distance myself from my family for many reasons.

On this past Saturday I sent a message to my father for his birthday and later messaged my daughter as well. Suddenly the impact of all the changes, losses, and gains arrived and ‘landed’. I have always wished for the best outcome for my ex-husband and my children (this intention was born when I initiated the divorce in 2009). It has now finally manifested for all of us and I was overwhelmed by the significance of all that has transpired over the last few years.

I am taking a couple of days to go deep within over this new moon period and to re-look at what I want for my brand-new future which lies in front of me. By acknowledging the changes, losses, and gains and seeing them as the best blessings I could have wished for; I open the door to so many new potentials and possibilities.

What you may be experiencing at this time

  • Craving quiet/alone time
  • Sudden insights or realisations
  • Changes in plans and outcomes
  • Becoming aware of new possibilities
  • Sleep disturbances and ‘weird’ dreams
  • Impatience, anger, aggression, impulsiveness

How you can best help yourself at this time

  • Taking time to be still and do an honest life review;
  • Resting and nurturing yourself as things are changing rapidly on many levels;
  • Variations or changes in heart rate, blood pressure and circulation may be felt;
  • Working on any issues which show up such as self-esteem, not being good enough, etc.;
  • Having patience with yourself, this year and life, as you may have the urge to just get going and get things done prematurely.

Sending all Love, Light and Compassionate Blessings 😊


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