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Dirk Devis

Reflection # 07

I also regularly challenge myself to new heights of excellence. 

Dirk Devis

Being persistent

In my post on ‘Framing your journey to be the best you can be’, I made reference to a specific journey that needs to be followed.

Sibylle Stehli

Full Moon in Libra – Personal Power

Be mindful of thoughts, words and actions as they literally create your reality. What you create within becomes the reality outside of you, so standing in your own personal power and in integrity is key.

Dirk Devis

Reflection # 06

I therefore think ahead and prepare myself for the great, rewarding life I dream about. 

Dirk Devis

Be courageous

An old English proverb of the early 19th century states that “You never know what you can do till you try it”.

Dirk Devis

Reflection #05

Part of shaping my future is to be a solution-finder; always looking for better ways to do things within the context of this new norm. 

Latest coaches

Stanley Beckett

You cannot solve your problems on the same level of consciousness with which you created them.

Susanne Danig

Through the force of love we can set ourselves free and create a new humanity.

Ian Woodhouse

Once you get clear on what you really want, enthusiasm becomes your new normal.

Sue Daly

Share your skills and talents abundantly in the world – a gift not given brings joy to nobody

Louise Mosley

We’re all unique and it’s OK to be you, to use the skills and the talents that you have.

Dirk Devis

It’s the being that makes you do the doing…so be your authentic version of yourself.