Part 1: Roles that support a balanced life

By Dirk Devis,

April 6, 2021

As we move along our journey towards being our best, we also need to be cognisant of certain roles that can be adopted to support a balanced approach towards living this journey.

It is my point of view that the following roles, with an associated affirmation, will do just that and they are:

  • Being a Health Maintainer:
    I maintain good health and fitness in body (physical) and mind (mental/ emotional/social)
  • Being a Principled Individual:
    I express self-respect, including respect for others, as well as the drive and confidence for pursuing and actualising “Principle Centred Living” in my day-to-day walk of life.
  • Being a Family Member:
    I accept my family role with grace and do the ‘right things right’, pertaining to such a role’ in harmony with the other family member roles.
  • Being a Profession Practitioner: I take command of the subject matter of my profession and practice it to the benefit of the enterprise I own or work with, as well as to the community I live in.

Herewith then 4 basic roles supporting a balanced approach towards living the journey of being the best you can be.

There are 3 more basic roles that will complete this balanced approach, but to be reviewed in my next blog. In the meantime, if you would choose to pursue this approach:

What will it take to adopt these affirmations to the best of your abilities?

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