Part 2: Roles that support a balanced life

By Dirk Devis,

April 9, 2021

On my previous blog entry, I touched on basic roles that can be adopted to support a balanced approach towards being your best, which are:

  • Being a Health Maintainer
  • Being a Principled Individual
  • Being a Family Member
  • Being a Profession Practitioner

There are 3 more basic roles with associated affirmations that will complete this balanced approach, and they are:

  • Profession Educator:
    I am enabling practitioners of my profession in their work through teaching, coaching, and sharing knowledge and experiences I have gained in this profession.
  • Enterprise Member:
    I am contributing to the realisation of the mission of the Enterprise and relevant projects by executing my work with joy according to the precepts of my profession, as well as within the context of agreed assignments.
  • Community Member:
    I am adding value to the well-being of my community through participation and contribution of my efforts and resources in specific community initiatives and structures.

It is my experience that these seven roles do bring out the best in you, if you are and remain committed to the affirmation that comes with it. Again, if you would choose to pursue this approach:

What will it take to adopt these affirmations on a continuous basis to the best of your abilities?

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