Elizabeth Rosner

You have a spark of divinity within you. I see you.

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Stanley Beckett

You cannot solve your problems on the same level of consciousness with which you created them.

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Susanne Danig

Through the force of love we can set ourselves free and create a new humanity.

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Ian Woodhouse

Once you get clear on what you really want, enthusiasm becomes your new normal.

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Sue Daly

Share your skills and talents abundantly in the world – a gift not given brings joy to nobody

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Louise Mosley

We’re all unique and it’s OK to be you, to use the skills and the talents that you have.

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Dirk Devis

It’s the being that makes you do the doing…so be your authentic version of yourself.

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Allison Wentworth Ross

Everything you want already exists in your vibrational reality waiting for you to allow it.

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