Reflection – Living within the New Normal

By Dirk Devis,

May 2, 2021

In today’s world of changing norms and eventually becoming the “new norm” - this new frontier - for daily living, how am I going to adapt and yet stay sustainably successful and prosperous? How am I, at the same time, stay caring and benevolent in living a life that I am truly and consciously meant to live? Where will I get my inspiration from to energise all of the above within this new frontier?

A notable French poet and novelist Victor Hugo once quoted: “Greater than the tread of mighty armies is an idea whose time has come.”

I now believe that, given this new norm we are moving into, for modern-day humanity the time has come for the collective exploration of spiritual awareness (intelligence) and subsequent experience of consciousness as an expression of one’s Authentic Self.

Hence forward I have the following to reflect and “percolate” on with regards to my personal life as well as my employment or my business practices:

I still have to value my uniqueness and use my differences to enhance the environment I am in …

So, what service can my uniqueness, and as such my differences, bring to this new environment?

Within this new norm of today, by clearly defining what I want and remaining personally accountable, I most surely will achieve my results …

What will make me inherently accountable for achieving the results I have clearly defined?”

If I now, within this new norm, could shape my future using the best of my past …

What of my past inspires me into my future?”

As I now shape my future, I let my self-talk reinforce only the beliefs I plan to keep …

How will my self-talk service me today?”

Part of shaping my future is to be a solution-finder; always looking for better ways to do things within the context of this new norm …

What will make me be the solution-finder at its best?”

May I dare to conclude with the following notion …

With Love and Gratitude, I can do all things in Spirit who inspires me!

And so be it … and so it is!

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3 thoughts on “Reflection – Living within the New Normal”

  1. Thank you for this beautiful sharing, Dirk! My affirmation for today: “With Love and Gratitude, I can do all things in Spirit who inspires me!”

  2. This is a great reflection Dirk, and if we have Love and Gratitude, plus trust in the spirit that guides us, we can be fulfilled in our purpose whatever the new normal may be.


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