Super Full Moon in Libra – LoveUp

By Sibylle Stehli,

April 7, 2020

This BIG, bright Full Moon peaks at 04h35 on Wednesday 08 April in Cape Town, South Africa.

It is a BIG bright moon as it is the closest to Earth in its trajectory, for this year. As such, it also has the BIGgest influence on us and our world.

The gifts of this moon are balance, partnership, connecting with Higher Mind (it is an Air sign which is about the mind), beauty, the arts and creating a beautiful world – whether this is in our own world at home and/or out in the world with others.

An added bonus is that the ruling planet for Libra is Venus, also known as the planet of Love. It is just all so amazingly synchronous and time to LoveUp even more. So use this time we have been given wisely – only you know what is appropriate for you – and love what and who you are even more than you thought has been possible!

Mindfulness Tip – Conscious Choice vs Default Setting
Remember to set your intention / choice / wish for some extra magic and sparkle.
This is important as you have free will in each moment. So choosing consciously what you would like this moon cycle to bring you will allow things to align, come into harmony and synchronize with what you choose...

The Moon is peaking at 18 degrees and so for those who like to tap into their ‘nerdy’ side (me included ?), in numerology this adds up to 9. I like looking at the individual numbers as well as the total as they all work in partnership.

  • Number 1 is about standing in your Truth, leadership, independence and raking ownership of you and all aspects of your life.
  • Number 8 is the symbol of power, abundance, manifestation and flow as it symbolises “As above, So below’. Tap into your own Divine Inheritance and use these gifts, talents and abilities for the highest and best for yourself and for ALL.
  • Number 9 is the number of completion, endings and transition into a new beginning and a fresh start with a clean slate.

In light (and love) of this amazing time of a personal and global RESET, we have the makings of a truly powerful time if we use it wisely and tap into the gifts it is providing each of us individually and as a global family.

What I have been experiencing at this time
So you may be wondering why the word LoveUp?

Words and our thoughts literally create our reality and so I am very mindful of the words I use and the thoughts going through my mind – this is highlighted at this time with the assistance of Libra. The vibration of fear is low and the opposite is true for the vibration of love.

The word Lockdown symbolises removal of personal freedom, distancing, isolation, fear, anxiety and stress for me. When I intuited the word LoveUp in meditation one morning I felt free, light, connected, One, happy and relaxed. So this has become a period of LovingUp everything I can – from who and what I am and who and what I am becoming – and loving dreaming bigger, rekindling long-forgotten and now-remembered hobbies, connecting with people with more love and compassion, loving the gifts of each day, the beauty of nature, simple things like taking a walk and being out in the estate where I am staying, loving the simple things life offers in such incredible abundance…the list goes on.

What you may be experiencing at this time:

  • Mind being very busy, over-analyzing and on auto-pilot
  • Needing to drink more water and getting more rest than usual
  • Feeling ungrounded, vertigo, light-headedness, dizzy and spacey
  • Feeling overwhelmed with all the news and forecasts in the media
  • In the body, the organs being affected at this time are kidneys, bladder, veins and skin so take extra care in these areas

How you can best help yourself at this time:

  • Have the courage to focus on Love and you will soon feel more peaceful
  • Be in gratitude for this amazing opportunity we have been given as a global family to literally reset and start fresh with a clean slate
  • Re-discover the unique gifts you have and just try something new, even if it is a baby step at first
  • Minimize time listening to news and being on social media and if you are, be mindful of what you are watching and what you are listening to
  • Become (acutely) aware of your endless supply of thoughts and choose which ones you wish to entertain and which ones do not need any attention at all – remember that you experience what you focus on for where thought goes, energy flows
  • LoveUp yourself by putting your arms around YOU and giving YOU a BIG hug ?

Something extra to show how the LoveUp Divine Experiment is working
I took part in a global mass meditation in the early hours of Sunday morning and we focussed on bringing in and anchoring the Light with the frequencies of Love, Peace, Harmony and Abundance.

It worked fabulously as shown below. It is a graphical representation of the Schumann Resonance, which measure the frequency of Earth at any given time. As can be seen from the 2 images below, the vibe increased beautifully at the time of the meditation and for a while after.

You can access the site at this link (it is in Russian so hit the translate button): Schumann Resonance

Sending all Love, Light and Compassionate Blessings

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