The Art and Science of Visualization

By Elizabeth Rosner,

August 3, 2021

We all have those blocks, those blindspots, that are no longer serving us.  I recently had a session with Allison Ross where we addressed one of my areas of blockage.  In visualization, my Higher Power led me to a cave.  In this cave, I was safe, protected, encapsulated.  I (erroneously) thought that the cave was enclosed on all sides and the only way out was the way in which I entered.  One corner of the cave was illuminated, but in the visualization, we focused on the other corner, the one shrouded in darkness and where my blockage was housed.  In this session, Allison guided me to ask more and more questions.  What were my limiting beliefs?  What thoughts were holding me back?  What assumptions about myself were no longer serving me?  As I identified these, she asked, "What would happen if all of those went away?  What if all of these are like rugs on a floor and suddenly your Higher Power pulls the rug out from under you?" Right when she said that, I could picture these rugs being swiftly pulled away.  Just as the last one was pulled out, the side of the cave opened up.  I was thrust out of the cave, over the edge of a cliff, and found myself dangling over a deep ravine and a rushing river, being held only by my arm by my Higher Power.  I can still feel my feet suspended, unable to gain any traction on the air below me, and I'm too far away from the mountainside to climb up. I am literally helpless to save myself.

I was backed into a corner, with no discernible way out, except to go back the way I came.  Then, a different path opened up.  I have thought of that moment countless times in the past few days.  I'm energized and eager to see what other paths open up, making a way where there seemed to be no way, expanding my horizons, and reminding me not to play it safe.

How can you use visualization to get past some of your obstacles and to forge a new path meant just for you?  Who is not being served because you are playing it safe?

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2 thoughts on “The Art and Science of Visualization”

  1. Wow, very powerful Elizabeth, left me wanting to continue the journey by landing gently in the river and drifting through new landscapes and opportunities! So I guess one person’s visualisation can create another when shared, as well as deliver the important message and wisdom originally intuited.


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