The Book On Love

By Susanne Danig,

May 21, 2021

I have written a book on love; it is a personal spiritual book about my journey in life as a woman. It is about finding my own voice and allowing it to be expressed.

I wrote as a young woman, but faced with a family not supporting my soul and how it unfolded, with society’s and educational expectations, with demands from lovers in life, my voice slowly crumbled. That was my condition, my quest in life is to deal with it. It took me years of unlearning and relearning before I could find my true purpose and allow myself to just be me aligned with my calling.

The beauty in my life is that I was able to take this healing journey with my soulmate next to me. So the journey has become a healing process for both of us as we grew together with the family we created, and were able to balance the female and masculine sides of both of us. We have set ourselves free as human beings. While maintaining a loving relationship, we have found love together. This journey has saved my soul.

I was called in January 21 to write this book of love and it has been a magic process for me to write it, going back into my old writing and releasing the voice. The process has felt like a co-creation with myself, with the people around me and with spirit. The book also contains photos from the nature around the residency place for artists I run, my old poems and quotations from wise people who has been in my life. In this way it has become a collective work, and contains an opening for other people. I see the book as a portal for conversations with women about the life we live. Every time I share the book stories pour out, emotions come up and we heal. It is like the book holds a high vibration for healing.

So I want to use the book as a platform for women to tell their stories, heal and unfold. I want to use it as an inspiration for us to connect to and use the force of love together. For us to join to create a new humanity. Exactly how this will unfold I don’t know, I am trusting in the universe to guide me.

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8 thoughts on “The Book On Love”

  1. I am truly humbled by your words dear Susanne. I resonate with what you are saying in so many ways. This blog is all about love; the place we all write from and the place we all help each other out. I look forward to reading your book and to have the opportunity to collaborate together. Gratitude for your lovely presence in this community xx

  2. I love this insight ” a co-creation with myself, with the people around me and with spirit.” I look forward to seeing where this takes you and the collaborations it will surely create. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I love this Susanne. Somebody said to me yesterday that love is not an emotion but a state of being, an energy or vibration. Your energy and beauty shine out as you introduce your book and the story behind it, and as it opens up other hearts to heal and shine you will certainly be creating even more magic 💞 – looking forward to seeing that happen.


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