What emotions am I avoiding?

By Allison Wentworth Ross,

July 20, 2021

With the same guilt of the thirteen-year old me at my first Anglican confession, I've place myself in my own dog box for not honouring my intentions. It's been more than two months since I've written a blog post.

"Write about what inspires you," I tell others. "It doesn't have to be too long or complicated," I say. And then I find myself well and truly stuck, unable to share anything of significance on topics I care deeply about.

Perhaps I'm feeling some of the external influences as South Africa comes under a global spotlight for all the wrong reasons. We've become that country people on social media are praying for. Maybe it's the sadness I feel of those around me as they're losing their loved ones.  More than likely, it's the overwhelm that I feel by having taken on too much and not knowing what next.

Whatever the reasons, I've been feeling uninspired.

And therein lies the key: Knowing that my emotions are messages from my soul, my uninspired soul is trying to tell me something and it's time I stop to listen. What have I been avoiding that's blocking my progress?

As I close my eyes and breathe, I welcome the message. "Embrace the feeling of being uninspired," it says. "Peace doesn't have to be perfect. Time doesn't have to tick."

It turns out I have been sabotaging my inner peace. I have been trying to avoid feeling imperfect by constantly striving to get it all right...unrealistic expectations I've placed only on myself.

So today I'm offering you my imperfect peace and the joy of being without doing as I slow down time, switch off from my laptop, and curl up under the blankets.

I hope my "uninspiration" inspires you to be ok with sometimes being uninspired, too.

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2 thoughts on “What emotions am I avoiding?”

  1. So many important messages in this Allison, thank you:
    Allowing our emotions to be messengers – and listening to them
    “Time doesn’t have to tick” – Lau Tzu said ‘nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished’
    Giving ourselves permission to simply be instead of constantly doing (one of my favourite authors and inspirational speakers Paul McGee recently said ‘relaxing and resting are not sackable offences’)

    Even God rested on the seventh day, and surveyed what he had created – and what you have created here is taking on a life of its own, and growing beautifully even though you have not been actively posting!

  2. I can totally relate to this unmotivation! I have been finding all sorts of keeping myself busy to avoid doing the things that I have been planning to do and feeling underlying guilt. I find peace in your inspiration and will embrace this feeling of inspiration. Thanks for the light 😉


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