What if money’s only a vibration?

By Allison Wentworth Ross,

May 12, 2021

In a recent chat about money, value, and purpose, the discussion took an unexpected turn when the group focused on whether the order of the three represented its priority in business.

Being a conscious (whatever that may mean) group of entrepreneurs, there was a resounding "no!" for money being the driving force behind their businesses. "I do it to make a difference," is the usual story purpose-driven entrepreneurs tell ourselves.

Which made me wonder about the collective negative response amongst a group of entrepreneurs: Why then start a business and not a non-profit organisation? Why sell our products or services at all? Why not join an organisation who is already making the difference we want to see in the world? There are so many alternatives to being an entrepreneur if all we want to do is make a difference.

With my own reaction to the conversation being surprisingly neutral, I was able to observe three perceptions playing out:

  • Making money a priority in business is perceived as bad
  • Making money and creating an impact is perceived as mutually exclusive
  • Prioritising both money and impact is perceived as impossible

Are any of these perceptions true? No, they aren't.

Making money is crucial. It's a given that we need to create a profitable business that's able to sustain our lifestyles. However, making a positive impact is optional. How can we impact the world to our full potential when we're worried about the bills that are piling up or we're unable to feed the family?  It goes without saying, yet saying it evokes a strong negative reaction in most entrepreneurs.

Herein lies the truth, though: The "strong negative reaction" attached to the word "money" indicates the vibration behind it and the vibration indicates the belief.  The fact that it's negative means it's a low-vibration emotion attached to shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, unmet desire, anger, and pride according to Hawkins Scale of Consciousness.

No matter where we are in life and how well we're doing, unless resolved, that negative attachment shows up at challenging times and takes us right back to the root.

Did my neutral reaction suggest that my own relationship to money was a high-vibrational one? Heck no!

I recently discovered that I was afraid of being controlled by money and, true to the Law of Attraction, I spent a lifetime attracting situations in which money controlled me. The neutrality merely suggested that I was finally ready to face up to it and create my own truths around money. What those truths are, I'm still learning. And I'm quite sure life will send me plenty of opportunities to feel shameful about money so that I can release the lie behind it once and for all and finally embody the truth.

So... Are your efforts to positively impact the world being negated by your negative beliefs about money? What is your truth about money?

Say the word out loud as you think about financial wealth and see if there's an area of your body that feels contracted or calls for your attention. Is there a negative emotion trying to tell you something? If not, great! If yes, I would encourage you to allow the negative emotion to expand into shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, unmet desire, anger or pride. Once you've pinpointed the emotion you've attached to money, you'll understand whatever's blocking your financial flow and realise it's a lie you're telling yourself.

You can then confidently proceed to aim to make money while making a difference... without the negative attachments holding you back.

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2 thoughts on “What if money’s only a vibration?”

  1. Great article and summary of our discussion Allison—more precisely though, money is simply a tool that we project our (unresolved) emotions onto. It ends up vibrating with whatever we project onto it—love, fear, freedom, control etc. Money is just money. It’s just a piece of paper, or metal, or digit or 1 and 0 in a line of code. With love

    • Interesting insights, Alexander! Thank you. That sums is up beautifully.

      As we do in the #Masterpiece program, I would like to gently challenge your wording of it, though. What if, instead of saying “It’s a tool that we project…ends up vibrating…” how about saying “It’s a vibration that determines how money shows up for us”? It starts with the vibration before it manifests as money or the lack of it.

      In fact, abundance doesn’t have to manifest as money. It’s often the fact that we link the two that trips us up, and by the time we manifest money problems it’s because we’ve allowed the negativity to gain momentum.

      So what I’m suggesting is that being mindful of our vibration is enough for us to attract whatever we aim to manifest through money. It doesn’t even have to manifest as money first. When we fully embrace a vibrational reality ready for us to allow, we won’t need “a piece of paper, or metal, or digit or 1 and 0 in a line of code’ as a scapegoat for our emotions. Like air, it will be there in abundance.

      I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Xxx


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